Game of Thrones Creator George R.R. Martin's Appearance at Kevin Smith's Theater Details Announced

Like the Russo Brothers and Zack Snyder, Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin is set to appear at Kevin Smith's newly-purchased movie theater. Unlike those filmmakers, though, it is not immediately obvious what Martin would bring to screen. After all, he doesn't have a movie that everyone is clamoring to watch on the big screen. Turns out, he doesn't need to bring one. Smith and Martin will share the screen for a Q&A and discussion that ranges from film to TV and literature, and presumably touches quite a bit on Martin's Song of Ice and Fire novels.

Tickets to the event are selling for $30, with VIP tickets for $75. VIP tickets include a signed copy of Rise of the Dragon: An Illustrated History of the Targaryen Dynasty, vol. 1.

You can see the gig poster below.

Smith recently closed on a deal to buy his childhood movie theater, after announcing the plans back in August, and has big plans for the moviehouse, which includes a merch store in the lobby, a "film school camp" for young, aspiring filmmakers, and of course, plenty of special screenings of cult classics, including Smith's own movies, complete with Q&A sessions, special events, and marathons. He has already screened Clerks III at the former Atlantic Moviehouse, and the first big View Askew event coming to the newly-renamed Smodcastle Cinemas will be a screening of Tusk next month, which will be preceded by a taping of Hollywood Babble-On, and followed by a Q&A.

Smith announced his intention to buy the theater -- along with his wife, Jennifer Schwalback; investor Jeff Swanton; and Leeloo Multiprops, a company that sells movie props, collectables, and celebrity experiences -- during a recent episode of Hollywood Babble-On, his podcast with Ralph Garman. The theater -- which is almost 100 years old, and has been a staple of Smith's hometown for his whole life -- will be rebranded as Smodcastle Cinemas, and Smith plans to screen movies as normal most of the year, but also use the venue as home to speaking events, live shows, film festivals, and other View Askew-related shindigs.