Gerard Butler Reveals Long-Awaited Update to Angel Has Fallen Sequel (Exclusive)

Gerard Butler has become one of the premiere action stars of the 21st century, appearing in a wide array of high-octane scenarios. One of the actor's most buzzed-about franchises might be the Has Fallen series, a string of action movies starring Butler as Secret Service agent Mike Banning. The franchise has been a financial success, grossing a combined total of over $500 million at the box office, and with plans to do three more films and even a possible television spinoff. Next on the list is set to be Night Has Fallen, which has been in development for several years now — and in a recent interview with's Chris Killian about his role in Plane, Butler gave an update on the film's progress.

"We have a script for that, but I haven't been working on it at the moment," Butler explained in our interview, which you can check out above. "We have a really fun idea, it just needs to be to be developed. But it's been fun recently, making action. I will say — I want to play more the Tom Hanks of action movies. Let me take a break from the Mike Banning, where it's literally seven or eight full-on fight sequences in every movie, fistfights. And actually claiming the characters that are real, who have to pull something extraordinary out of themselves that an audience can really identify with because that's what we need right now."

"We need, in a way, real heroes," Butler continued. "Life is tough, it's a bit of an escape and I think to go and see movies like this and put yourself in those kind of hellish challenging scenarios and then be able to walk back out again, but maybe take some ideas from, or just some inspiration from it and have had a lot of fun, is cool. It's great to to make those movies that are an escape."

What is Night Has Fallen about?

Plot details of Night Has Fallen are currently unknown at this time. That being said, we do know that a number of creatives who are set to return, including director Ric Roman Waugh and screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen. Producing are G-BASE's Alan Siegel and Gerard Butler, Eclectic Picture's Heidi Jo Markel, Les Weldon and Millennium Media's Jeffrey Greenstein, Jonathan Yunger, and Yariv Lerner. Millennium Films will shoot Night Has Fallen over in Bulgaria, as well as other locations throughout Europe.

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