Ghost Rider Fan Teaser Showcases Keanu Reeves as Spirit of Vengeance

A new fan teaser shows what Keanu Reeves could look like as Ghost Rider.

Sooner or later, Ghost Rider will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes have both appeared in live-action, the Spirit of Vengeance has yet to join the ever-growing franchise. Given the character's superstar status at the House of Ideas, it stands to reason Marvel Studios will be looking for a big name to play the character when ends up joining the MCU. One dedicated MCU fan has taken it upon themselves to imagine Keanu Reeves in the role.

In a recent upload to YouTube, KH Studio used some of Reeves' most popular films appearances to cut together a proof of concept teaser trailer for a Ghost Rider film. Clips in the trailer come from Reeves vehicles like Constantine and John Wick, as well as Nic Cage's Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. See the teaser for yourself below.

Who's playing Ghost Rider in the MCU?

At one point, it was rumors suggested Ryan Gosling was in the running to play Nova in the MCU. Gosling then went on to debunk those rumors by saying he'd rather play Ghost Rider instead. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige seemed to support Gosling's wishes, later telling MTV News he'd love working with the actor.

"If Ryan wants to be Ghost Rider," Feige said in 2022. "Ryan's amazing. I'd love to find him a place in the MCU. He dresses up as Ken on Venice Beach and gets more press than any major movie coming out."

Whatever the case, Nic Cage thinks the next Ghost Rider projects should be R-rated.

"Y'know, Ghost Rider was a movie that always should've been an R-rated movie. David Goyer had a brilliant script, which I wanted to do with David and for whatever reason they just didn't let us make the movie," Cage said years ago. "But that movie is a still a movie that should be made, not with me obviously, but it should be an R-rated movie-heck, Deadpool was R-rated and that did great. Ghost Rider was designed to be a scary superhero with an R-rating and edge and they just didn't have it worked out back then."

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