Godzilla vs. Kong is Diving Deep into Hollow Earth

Godzilla vs. Kong is aiming to be much more than a monstrous blowout. The film is set to serve up fans of the MonsterVerse a deep dish of mythology as it establishes its world and dives into what is causing these two Titans to clash. Upon visiting the Australian set of Godzilla vs. Kong in March of 2019, ComicBook.com caught a glimpse of the intense war room where concept art laid out the events of the film from wall to wall. Not only does King Kong have a throne somewhere in this world but the Skullcrawlers which emerged in Kong: Skull Island were just the tip of the iceberg for what's brewing and will be shown from below.

"A second mission is commissioned to go into the Hollow Earth…but it’s much more dangerous journey," Godzilla vs. Kong producer Alex Garcia explained. "Nathan, who at first is resistant, is eventually, through some very emotional means, in convinced to go. He’s told they have new crafts for this journey into the Hollow Earth through this different portal."

This is where Kong comes in. Nathan recognizes the dangers of Hollow Earth, so as they set out for an entry in Antarctica, he wants to have Kong at this side. "The belief is that if they have a creature they believe came from Hollow Earth, and who will have some kinship with some of the things they may find in it, they may have a better chance to survive," Garcia explains. "So, they take Kong off Skull Island, start making the journey toward Antarctica, and eventually intersect with Godzilla who we start to realize has been acting the way he’s been acting is because he is trying to stem any other threats to the balance he maintains."

"We had loosely talked about the idea of [the Apex corporation] and of Hollow Earth, but there’s also a through line about conspiracy theories, and it [the story] plays with those ideas and why we come up with those things and the reactions to dangers and things we’re afraid of," Garcia says. "We come up with all these things to often help to mask and help to process those things – and that’s something Adam’s really interested in. So that is seeded in through all of this and it really took the movie further."


The Hollow Earth of it all sounds like it will be a character in itself, as Godzilla vs. Kong will be introducing several new monsters from the world beneath ours. "We work quite a bit because obviously we go to Hollow Earth and in Hollow Earth you have to populate it with a lot of creatures," production designer Tom Hammock explained. "So we developed them, not just for that, but for the wall of decorations and trying to work in the backstory on Skull Island of more creatures. So we did do a pretty deep dive on the creatures."

Still Oguri's Ren Serizawa seems to have ties to Mechagodzilla and the Apex organization which is suspect enough in itself to get Millie Bobby Brown and Brian Tyree Henry's character to investigate and infiltrate it.