Man In Halloween Michael Myers Mask Taken Into Custody By Police

Police in Gavelston Texas actually had to take a man into custody as he strode along the beach in a Michael Myers mask. Galveston News reports that Mark Metzler, an attorney from the area, dressed up as the Halloween character. He walked in the sand with a bloody knife, and that sparked all the attention. After someone walked dialed 911, the police stepped in. Spokesperson Stacy Papillion said that the authorities received a call about a figure walking around with a weapon. Police then found him and put him in handcuffs for questioning. Upon discovering that the knife and blood were fake, their concerns were alleviated and the jokey slasher was charged with disorderly conduct. On Facebook, Metzger described the incident. He says that it was a prank to get people a bit rilled up. The attorney never dreamed it would have led to all of this commotion. 

Meanwhile in Galveston, 🤣 Michael’s trippin by the seashore! Someone tag Attorney Mark A. Metzger III please! Let him know he made it to the Hood News!

Posted by Grizzy’s Hood News Exclusive on Monday, September 13, 2021

Metzger says his beach stunt was about "bringing positive vibes to the gloom and doom out there, generating some laughter, helping people crack a smile, and restoring our faith in humanity through humor… So if taking a silly walk down the beach during a storm in a costume, and subsequently being arrested for disorderly conduct accomplished any of that .... then I'd do it again all day every day."

Recently, Jamie Lee Curtis talked about the new movie in the franchise. She had praise for Green's trajectory for the characters.

"David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have crafted an intense and brutal second wave of their masterpiece Halloween," Curtis wrote on Instagram. "They were prescient in the 2018 film about the amount of trauma that was being recognized, primarily by the #MeToo movement which collided with Laurie's 40-year trauma and now they were again ahead of the curve of the amount of rage that we have all seen and felt in 2020. WE ARE ALL MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! Another brilliant chapter in the ultimate story of good vs evil, Laurie vs Michael. Happy Halloween."

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