Halloween Kills Star Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates "Breathtaking" Movie's Premiere and Praises Director David Gordon Green

Halloween Kills had its long-awaited premiere at the Venice International Film Festival this week, and while the reactions from critics have been a mixed bag, fans of the franchise are still eager for the movie to be released considering it was delayed a whole year due to the pandemic. Despite the mixed reactions from critics, one person who is especially proud of the film is Jamie Lee Curtis, who is reprising her role as Laurie Strode once again. It's clear Curtis has a lot of love for David Gordon Green, who helmed Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills as well as the upcoming Halloween Ends. In fact, she took to Instagram this week to share praise for the director and celebrate the movie's premiere in Venice.

"The ONLY reason that I am in Venice, Italy, the ONLY time I have been to this prestigious film loving festival where we are about to premiere the new Halloween Kills movie @halloweenmovie is because of this man. The weirdest partner in crime and misdemeanors and felonies that I could ever want. Congratulations David," Curtis wrote in her first post. You can check out the photo of her and Green below:

"A thrilling moment in time #venicefilmfestival @labiennale for me and my director, David Gordon Green as we premiered his breathtaking, pun WAY intended, new film @halloweenmovie HALLOWEEN KILLS," Curtis added in a second post. "Proud of our producing partners @blumhouse @universalpictures @miramax our talented and creative crew and the powerful and exquisite performances led by @missjudygreer and @andimatichak. I accepted my Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement with these words which I attempted to deliver in Italian. 'Thank you again for this great honor. I dedicate it to the victims and survivors of violence. All types. Physical. Political. Spiritual. Sexual. Psychological. Cultural. Emotional, Domestic, and the violence and hatred of discrimination against ANY and ALL who dare to have their own ideas and minds. I proudly accept this tonight with a clear, sober mind of my own and with an open and incredibly grateful heart.'" You can view Curtis' second post below:

"The next one involves when you take that [the 2018 Halloween] was about Laurie's trauma, right? It was focused on Laurie Strode, but there are a lot of other people that had the result of Michael Myers in 1978," Curtis previously of the film to SiriusXM's Jess Cagle. "And we brought back all of those people. So Kyle Richards, who played the little girl Lindsey came back, we have the character of Tommy where there are other characters, Marion, the nurse, all of the people that suffered the trauma and the Halloween Kills movie is about a mob."

She continued, "So what I will tell you is that what we were seeing around the country of the power of the rage of voices, big groups of people coming together enraged at the set of circumstances, that's what the movie is. The movie is about a mob."


Halloween Kills is scheduled to hit theaters on October 15th.