Henry Cavill Credits Patrick Stewart After Screwing Up a Major Audition

Henry Cavill is crediting Patrick Stewart for inspiring him after messing up a major audition. The [...]

Henry Cavill is crediting Patrick Stewart for inspiring him after messing up a major audition. The Superman actor talked to the Star Trek legend during Variety's Actors on Actors. Whiffing on a big audition is really tough and doubly so as a young actor. That was the case for a much younger version of the Man of Steel. He was still finding his way in the profession where an opportunity to audition in front of Stewart came his way. Needless to say, he let his emotions get the better of himself, but some kind words from the older actor helped sustain him through some tough times later. Obviously that perseverance worked out as he's the face of Superman for a lot of the younger generation of DC fans. That might not be the case if Stewart hadn't offered those words of encouragement in a crucial spot.

"We met many years ago, I believe it was 2003," Cavill began. "You were casting for The Lion in Winter and I had been acting for three years at that stage. My first job was The Count of Monte Cristo when I was 17 years old. I left school one year early. I was extremely nervous to audition in front of an actor of your caliber. I went in to the audition and I had spent weeks learning my lines. By the time I had gotten in there, I had whipped myself into such a frenzy that I completely flubbed the audition."

"I didn't remember my lines, and I forgot how to act. Then, I left with my tail between my legs and called my agent immediately," he continued. "You were very gracious and you said, 'Thank you very much.' It was clear to me that I was not going to be getting this role. So, I called my agent and told them as much. They said, "Don't worry about it, there will be other auditions. You're not going to nail everyone.'"

"As I was walking down some street in London, I thought, 'I'm not going to walk away from an audition with Sir Patrick Stewart. Have it be a battle. Try to get back in there because I know that I can do better.' So, my agent arranged for me to go back in and you said yes… I did another audition and it went far better," Cavill revealed. "Not good enough to get the job, but it was far better. You gave me very kind words and you said, 'I'm so glad that you came back in.' That gave me such strength throughout my career and I've never forgotten it."

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