What Does Henry Cavill's Return Mean for Man of Steel 2?

It's been a big day for DC fans. On Wednesday ComicBook.com learned that Henry Cavill has set a [...]

It's been a big day for DC fans. On Wednesday ComicBook.com learned that Henry Cavill has set a deal with Warner Bros. to reprise his role as Superman in future DC Comics-based films. Under the deal, Cavill's Superman will play supporting roles and make cameo appearances in films headlined by other heroes, something similar to how Marvel utilizes the Hulk. But the big question for fans centers around the future of the Superman film series and, specifically, what Cavill's return means for Man of Steel 2.

Man of Steel 2 is a film that over the years has begun to seem like a film that will simply never make it to screen. While Superman returned to life in Justice League, setting the stage for a sequel to Man of Steel, a lot has shifted for the DC Extended Universe since then with. Last summer director Matthew Vaughn confirmed that he was no longer attached to Man of Steel 2 and Christopher McQuarrie revealed that he was never asked to take on the sequel, all of this on top of Cavill's reported exit from the Superman role in 2018.

While the report of Cavill's return to the role of Superman does not mean that Man of Steel 2 is in the works, it would seem at least possible that a sequel to Man of Steel could, in theory be possible. While the DC Extended Universe as it existed when Cavill first suited up in Man of Steel has changed directions in the years since, having Cavill's Superman appear in various films may present an opportunity, especially as a report earlier this month suggested that Warner Bros. had shifted its focus back to Superman instead of the Supergirl movie in development. Cavill himself has also expressed an interest in returning to the role of Superman in the past.

"Where we left off with Man of Steel, in particular, was the guy who had found his place, or was trying to find his place but had sort of found it by the end, that had committed something which he would consider a most horrific sin by killing the last member of his species," Cavill said. "That is a place where I would like to travel from with the character. Him exploring the positivity of who he is. Not necessarily the chocolate box version, but the leaning into that. That character who becomes an icon of hope and enjoying that experience rather than necessarily being made uncomfortable by it."

At the moment, the future of the Superman film series -- with or without Cavill -- remains to be determined and Warner Bros. hasn't yet decided what films Cavill's Superman will appear in though it's been reported that the cameo could come in The Suicide Squad, Aquaman 2, or The Batman, but not Zack Snyder's Justice League.

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