Superman: Henry Cavill DC Comics Cameo Details Revealed

Henry Cavill is back as Superman and new details have emerged about the next movie featuring the [...]

Henry Cavill is back as Superman and new details have emerged about the next movie featuring the hero. Variety's Stuart Oldham says that the upcoming DC Extended Universe cameo is in The Suicide Squad, Aquaman 2, or The Batman. Fans might be shocked to hear that it won't be in the Snyder Cut, but that's what the publication's sources are indicating at this moment. If you're a supporter of DC Comics, it has been a whirlwind two weeks with the announcement of Zack Snyder's Justice League and now Cavill being brought back. Questions are now arising about a resurrection of Snyder's vision for the DC movie universe, but nothing has been made concrete yet.

For now though, the path forward is a bit murky for where Cavill will crop up. Any one of those movies listed above could feature the Man of Steel. Things could go wrong in The Suicide Squad and who better to clean up the mess than Superman? The Batman could see Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader get some advice from his friend. Aquaman 2 could see some sort of threat that needs more than Arthur's strength and the Man of Steel could be brought in for backup. Things are always changing, and the cameo will reveal itself in time, but the whispers are going to grow louder and louder as the months stretch on.

All of this new information tracks with what has learned about the situation at Warner Bros. Their ideas for Superman don't include an imminent release date for Man of Steel 2 yet. DC is planning to use Superman like Marvel Studios uses the Hulk in their movies. He'll make an appearance from time to time in other pictures as necessary. Cavill made an appearance during Zack Snyder's livestream of Man of Steel last week and many speculated that could be a sign of some sort, but now the picture has become clearer. Now, the line of movies featuring the star will not end with Justice League. But, the next time audiences see Superman in a standalone film could be years away.

Cavill has kept hope alive all this time and he mentioned the possibility of revisiting the role in a previous interview. "Where we left off with Man of Steel, in particular, was the guy who had found his place, or was trying to find his place but had sort of found it by the end, that had committed something which he would consider a most horrific sin by killing the last member of his species," Cavill said. "That is a place where I would like to travel from with the character. Him exploring the positivity of who he is. Not necessarily the chocolate box version, but the leaning into that. That character who becomes an icon of hope and enjoying that experience rather than necessarily being made uncomfortable by it."

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