'Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin Jokes About Not Making Oscars "In Memoriam"

Despite what he would have you believe is a self-destructive lifestyle of smoking and drinking, [...]

Despite what he would have you believe is a self-destructive lifestyle of smoking and drinking, Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin was not included on last night's "In Memoriam" segment recognizing significant Hollywood figures who died in 2018.

That is most likely becuase Culkin is not dead, and including him for a laugh would likely undercut the seriousness of the entire endeavor, but still.

Culkin took to Twitter to complain that this is the fifth year in a row that he has failed to make the cut for the In Memoriam segment.

You can see the tweet below.

Culkin has had a visible -- and somewhat strange -- few months. During the holiday season, he appeared in an ad for Google's digital home assistant, which was filmed at the same house where Home Alone had been shot. He played an adult version of his character from the classic comedy, still pulling the same tricks -- but this time using his Google Assistant to do all the heavy lifting for him.

Shortly thereafter, he announced that he was legally changing his middle name following an internet vote.

Because this is what happens when you allow the internet to decide such things, Culkin will change his middle name to "Macaulay Culkin," making his full legal name to Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin.

Culkin had previously posted that his current middle name -- Carson -- was boring, and that he wanted to spruce it up a bit. He opened up voting, and suggestions included "Publicity Stunt," "Shark Week," and Kieran.

(If that last one sounds a little out of sync with the others, it's because it was suggested by his brother Kieran, who played Kevin MacCallister's bed-wetting cousin Fuller in Home Alone.)

As silly and surreal as it all is, these things (even the In Memoriam joke) make it seem like Culkin is in a good place right now. The actor has been the source of controversy over the years for his struggles with substance abuse and general bad boy behavior that kept him in the paparazzi spotlight. Culkin has since bounced back, exploring endeavors like his comedy rock band Pizza Underground, and recent comedy website, BunnyEars.com. He's even put in some acting roles, with a few like Robot Chicken aimed at also mocking his Home Alone character.