The Incredible Hulk's Ed Norton Reveals His Love for Letterkenny

Pitter patter. As it turns out, Ed Norton is one of the biggest fans of Letterkenny on the internet. Traditionally known for his commitment to award-winning cinema and a perpetually serious vibe, The Incredible Hulk star took his Twitter account Friday afternoon to rave about the Canadian comedy.

"Letterkenny has been my best mood elevation lately," Norton tweeted to his two nearly-two million followers Friday. "The funniest damn show I've seen since original UK The Office. It's that order of brilliant. @jaredkeeso writing, vocal genius & physical comedy is Simpson's / Peter Sellers / Charlie Chaplin level great. Whole cast A++."

Keeso first began developing Letterkenny in 2015, basing the story off his personal experiences in small-town Canada. The first original series ever commissioned by Canada's Crave OTT service, Letterkenny has now run for eight seasons and has been confirmed for a ninth as of this summer. Keeso also plays Wayne, the show's lead character, and is joined by Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, K. Trevor Wilson, Dylan Playfair, and Andrew Herr amongst others.

"I'm late to the part & now binge catching up. But even doing too many per week, there's at least one bit or mind-melting verbal riff in literally every episode that leaves me gasping w/laughter, rewinding & trying to imitate, which can't be done, even by top professionals," Norton added.

Norton continued to praise Keeso and his writer's room for the show — one in which he calls a Canadian national treasure. "I know something about masterpieces that ake time to get their due and made one of them," Norton concludes. "It's a Canadian national treasure and Wayne should be knighted, except he'd say 'Hard no' and be cooler for it as always. Hard yes from me."


Letterkenny is streaming on Hulu while The Incredible Hulk is available wherever movies are sold or available for rent.