Insidious 5 Confirmed, Patrick Wilson to Direct

One of Blumhouse Productions' flagship projects is Insidious, the 2010 movie directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell, which the studio just announced would be getting a fifth installment, with star Patrick Wilson set to make his directorial debut with the project. Wilson starred in the first two films in the series, with the franchise then pivoting to focus more on Lin Shaye's paranormal investigator character. Wilson will also be starring in the film, which will also see the return of Ty Simpkins from the first two movies. The project is slated to hit theaters sometime in 2022.

"I'm honored and thrilled to be at the helm of the next Insidious installment, which will provide an amazing chance to unpack everything the Lamberts went through a decade ago, as well as deal with the consequences of their choices," Wilson shared in a statement. "Directing the movie is both professionally and personally a full-circle moment for me, and I am extremely grateful to be entrusted in continuing to tell this frightening and haunting story. Into The Further we go."

The original film explored the Lambert family, with Dalton (Simpkins) suffering an injury that makes him the target of a supernatural threat. When Elise Rainier (Shaye) attempts to offer assistance, we learn about how Dalton's father (Wilson) was similarly targetted by a supernatural being in his childhood. The new film is set to explore how the Lamberts cope with the events that happened 10 years earlier as Dalton is heading to college.

"One of the primary reasons the interest and appetite from fans has lasted for Insidious is because the people involved in the first film have stayed involved and kept it vital, interesting, and good," Blumhouse founder Jason Blum shared. "I'm so grateful to our collaborators on the franchise."

The project was announced during Blumhouse's BlumFest, a virtual event covering a number of the studio's exciting projects. With the last film in the franchise, Insidious: The Last Key, hitting theaters in 2018, even Shaye was doubtful that we'd get another installment.

"No, I think she's over," Shaye shared with The Production Meeting podcast about her character returning to the series this past summer. "There was some idea [for a sequel], actually James at one point said he had an outline for number five which would have probably gone back to the original family, which I thought was a great idea. But Elise's story is pretty much done. They told my story. I would be in The Further if it happened. I don't think they'll do another."

Stay tuned for details on the new Insidious before its 2022 release.


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