Iron Man's Personal Diary Reveals When He Became Aware of Infinity Stones

The Wakanda Files has officially been released, an in-continuity book drafted as if it's the [...]

The Wakanda Files has officially been released, an in-continuity book drafted as if it's the personal filing system for Shuri. As Shuri (Letitia Wright) heads all things Wakandan tech, the book is exhaustive when it comes to behind-the-scenes tidbits and files one would think are "highly confidential" by in-universe standards. In fact, believe it or not, Shuri managed to get access to Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) personal logs and in one entry, the billionaire writes about the first time Infinity Stones were brought to his attention.

In the log, Stark details essentially the plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron. He goes through the events where he wanted to create something to protect the world, but the programming went awry and eventually made itself a body in the form of the movie's titular antagonist.

It would seem the first time Stark found out about the existence of the Infinity Stones was when Thor (Chris Hemsworth) revealed the existence of them to his coworkers. "Hold up. I'm really burying the lead here," Stark writes in his personal log. "Thor mentioned six 'Infinity Stones' at the center of a whirlpool that was the destruction of Earth. And one of them is apparently bedazzling the forehead of Vision. Can we talk about that for a second? Infinity Stones?"

A set of MacGuffins nearly as old as the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself, the Infinity Stones popped up in over a dozen movies through the Infinity Saga. It even reached the point during Avengers: Endgame where Stark himself wielding them to rid the world of Thanos and his massive alien armada.

For the record — in the same log, Stark expresses instant regret in creating Ultron. "I suggested we implement JARVIS's recovered code into the vibranium-generated tissue fused with the Mind Stone," Stark adds. "It's what I should have done in the first place. The world doesn't need Ultron. It needs a supercharged JARVIS. Worst-case scenario, it fails. Right?"

If you want to read up on more canon files and tidbits, you can order The Wakanda Files here.

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