Jackass Star Talks Taking On the Stunts No One Else Wants

Ehren McGhehey AKA Danger Ehren is one of the original Jackass stars who is returning for the long-awaited Jackass Forever. In the new film, McGhehey is put through the wringer with an updated version of "The Cup Test" as well as getting pranked with a live bear. In the past, it's been said that McGhehey often ends up doing stunts no one else wants, so ComicBook.com recently asked the actor if he felt like more fell to him this time around. 

"No. I mean, every time it seems kind like I'll do something that nobody... In one of the last films, I can't remember. I laid on a bed of nails with cobras on me. No one wanted to do that. I don't think anybody in their right mind would ever want do a cup test like I did, or you know, like the bear scene. I had no idea it was going to be a bear and that's a set-up prank, totally," McGhehey shared.

"We all have it out for him," Dave England joked.  

We also asked the stars if they regret any of the pranks they've pulled on each other over the years, and McGhehey said the worst of it usually happens to him. "I mean, yeah. There's lots. They usually involve me being the one that feels bad for... So I don't really feel bad for myself," McGhehey explained. "And I don't think these guys feel bad for me either." 

"It's more of writing yourself into trouble when you write an idea that seemed brilliant until you have to do it. And all of a sudden it's not so brilliant," Preston Lacy added. 

In addition to McGhehey, England, and Lacy, Jackass Forever sees the return of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, and Chris Pontius. ComicBook.com also asked the stars about the possibility of making more Jackass, and they all seem open to continuing. 

"I hope so," Pontius replied when asked if there will be more Jackass. "If the world needs it, we'll bring it." Wee Man echoed that sentiment, "We'll bring it." 

"Oh, another one? Another like, a hundred," England joked. "We just got asked how many more that we might make in the year of 2063, by then...," McGhehey added. 

"Well, we could. I don't know if we will. It's possible. But who knows if we will," Knoxville shared. 

Jackass Forever hits theaters on February 4th.