Justice League Star Ray Fisher Reveals New Image of Cyborg From the Snyder Cut

Additional photography on the Justice League Snyder Cut is well underway and to celebrate, Ray Fisher has shared another new look at his beloved character, Cyborg. In the picture Fisher tweeted Friday evening, both Cyborg and Ezra Miller's The Flash can be seen looking at a holographic display; or, to be more accurate, Cyborg's looking on in anger as Flash looks at his friend with a sense of worry.

Fisher tweeted the image with a lone word: "Remember." He then added an #UsUnited hashtag, and you can see the picture for yourself below.

Earlier this month, Fisher revealed nearly every single scene he was in was reshot after Joss Whedon boarded the project due to Zack Snyder's departure. Snyder is now returning to shoot additional scenes with most of the movie's cast, including Ben Affleck and Jared Leto.

"Less than an hour, for sure. I think Fabian Wagner, our director of photography on Zack's verison, he said maybe about ten percent of that was Zack's footage and I'm inclined to agree with him," Fisher said in an interview with Geek House Show. "Because as we were shooting certain things, some things were similar like with the reshoots as what we did for the original. It's hard to tell with certain shots of other people for scenes that I wasn't there for, but what I can tell you from my character and from what you saw in the theatrical version that every single scene, with the exception of the Gotham City police rooftop scene with Commissioner Gordon and Batman and Flash; every single scene that I'm in was reshot. I reshot almost the entire film on my end."

He continued, "As far as other people's stuff like where I wasn't there, I can't really tell you. So, all in all, I would maybe say twenty or so minutes of that was maybe Zack's footage, and some of it may have been taken even out of context with respect to how it was portrayed. So the fact that we're getting a four hour cut of the movie, a four hour version of this, this is going to be massive. I said it years ago, I think I was at a convention, and I said Zack shot enough to make two movies...and lo and behold it's a four hour movie."


Zack Snyder's Justice League has yet to set a release date. The theatrical release of the movie is now streaming on HBO Max.

What other surprises do you think are in store for the upcoming director's cut? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!