Kevin Smith Reveals He Tested Positive for COVID

Kevin Smith shared that he's tested positive for COVID-19 this week. On Twitter, the director told his followers that he's been resting at home after finding out about the diagnosis. There's just not a lot he can do besides wait this situation out. As an aside, Smith also woke up to the news of the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. The filmmaker was heartbroken to hear the news as so many people lost their lives to senseless violence on Tuesday. Everything going on made him just lie back down and go to sleep. Fans mostly agreed and some wished him well on his recovery time. It would seem as though his podcast Fatman Beyond will have to be remote for a little while while Smith recuperates. Still, the tweet and his statement serve as a reminder that the pandemic is not over and people have to make choices that minimize putting themselves and others at risk.

"Spent yesterday sleeping after testing positive for Covid, because I felt so nauseatingly fucked up and fatigued," he revealed. "Woke up to the news of the shooting. Now feeling emotionally fucked up and fatigued. And even more nauseated."

Recently, the DC Comics fan had some kind words about George Perez after the artist's passing. He said that the comics legend was an "absolute sweetheart" and that he was one of the best of the best.

"He was one of the good ones," Smith began. "An absolute legend of course in the art form, whose work on WW, whose work on Crisis, whose work on the aforementioned Infinity Gauntlet...stellar, titanic, Mount Rushmore work. But the thing you hear time and time again and that I knew personally from all the folks on Comic Book Men, and also from having met George in real life...he was such a nice guy. Such an absolute sweetheart; we actually still have his shirt hanging up at the Stash. In the episode, he gave us one of his shirts...and it's still hanging up at the shirt. What a gentle giant he was -- and I don't mean giant in size, I mean giant in f---ing career. And this was a guy who, from all reports, if he was going through a con and people were like 'George!' he would come over and tag something, then keep going. Just a damn sweetheart."

"They had a thing for him not too long ago, where Jim McLauchlin, a friend of ours, invited me to go see him and unfortunately I had a family thing and I couldn't make it out....You're tempted to just focus on, it sucks to lose a legend, but it's amazing we had that guy at all," he continued. "Look at the work he produced, that will live forever. His renditions of some of our favorite characters set the standard, and he set the standard, at least personally it seemed, with the fan base. He always had time for people who appreciated his work, always had time to represent the art form. Lovely dude."

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