Kevin Smith Says First Twilight of the Mallrats Script Was "Die Hard in a Mall"

Lately, Kevin Smith has been very open about his long-awaited Mallrats sequel. The director's [...]

Lately, Kevin Smith has been very open about his long-awaited Mallrats sequel. The director's follow-up to the 1995 comedy is set to be called Twilight of the Mallrats and is expected to follow most of the original movie's cast of quirky characters. Smith recently confirmed he's writing a part for Ben Affleck and also revealed this month that Shannen Doherty will appear in the upcoming movie, reprising her role as Rene Mosier from the original film. Recently, Smith made an appearance on IMDb's Movies That Changed My Life podcast, and revealed that the sequel's script wasn't always about the mall becoming a "dying behemoth." In fact, it was originally "Die Hard in a mall."

"This one is the first draft of Twilight of the Mallrats, but it's the second Mallrats sequel script that I've written," Smith revealed. "There was one I wrote years ago that was called Mallrats 2: Die Hard in a Mall. Most of that wound up becoming Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The whole third act of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot was the whole third act of Mallrats 2. They took over the mall instead of Chronic Con, and in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot they were Russian terrorists but in Mallrats 2 they were Canadian terrorists taking over the mall, and Brody was forced into this John McClane type position. It's fun, but I would look at it and be like, if you were a fan of Mallrats and 25 years later somebody was doing it again, you'd be like, 'What would that be like,' and you walked in and it was Die Hard, you might be like, 'Why call it Mallrats? Just call it something else and start from scratch.'" He added that the new script "more closely resembles what the world knows Mallrats to be; a day in the life at the shopping center."

In a recent tweet, Smith revealed some new plot details surrounding Brodie (Jason Lee) and Rene's (Shannen Doherty) kid after a fan tweeted their own plot suggestion. "Brodie has a surrogate son in TWILIGHT OF THE MALLRATS who Brodie nicknamed P.S. Kid's a big Brodie fanboy who manages the Stash and he's a lifelong friend of Brodie's daughter, Banner. I wonder if their Star-Cros't story might be at the heart of the new flick? *SPOILERS!* It is," Smith revealed.

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