Twilight of the Mallrats: Kevin Smith Teases New Plot Details

At the beginning of the month, Kevin Smith spoke with's Chris Killian in a new edition of Talking Shop, and discussed his long-awaited Mallrats sequel. The director confirmed he's writing a part for Ben Affleck and also revealed this week that Shannen Doherty will appear in the upcoming movie, reprising her role as Rene Mosier from the original film. In the original movie, Rene was in a relationship with Jason Lee's Brodie, and according to the details already shared by Smith, the two characters are still together and even have a daughter named Banner (after Bruce, of course). In a recent tweet, Smith revealed some new plot details surrounding Brodie and Rene's kid after a fan tweeted their own plot suggestion.

“@ThatKevinSmith why are you making all the new characters female why is Brodie not having a son to balance out that Jay has a daughter and have another movie in the works where they end up together to give yourself an Askewniverse romcom would be better,” @BritBluntman tweeted to Smith earlier today. This is a weird complaint considering Smith could easily make this hypothetical rom-com about two women. However, Smith already has his own plan. “Brodie has a surrogate Son in TWILIGHT OF THE MALLRATS who Brodie nicknamed P.S. Kid’s a big Brodie fanboy who manages the Stash and he’s a lifelong friend of Brodie’s daughter, Banner. I wonder if their Star-Cros’t story might be at the heart of the new flick? *SPOILERS!* It is,” Smith replied. You can check out the post below:

Recently, Smith confirmed that he finished the first draft of the movie, and shared which characters he's written back into the story. In addition to Brodie and Rene, he included Willam (Ethan Suplee), Gwen (Joey Lauren Adams), Brandy (Claire Forlani), T.S. (Jeremy London), Trish (Renée Humphrey), Mr. Svenning (Michael Rooker), LaFours (Sven-Ole Thorsen), and Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Smith). While he didn't list the actors in his post, we have to hope they're on board to reprise their roles. Smith also recently revealed that Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell will be joining the cast of the new Mallrats. He also shared that last month marked the 25th anniversary of the days that Mallrats and Clerks took place.

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