Levitt: Dark Knight Rises Sequel "Not For Me To Say"

In a spoiler-filled interview with MTV, The Dark Knight Rises standout Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn't exactly reject the notion of a sequel or spinoff to The Dark Knight Rises featuring his character John Blake, but it's hard to take what he said as a ringing endorsement of the idea. "That's not for me to say," Joseph Gordon-Levitt said when asked about a possible follow-up. "I think if you see the movie, it's very clear, it's conclusive and it's a great ending. It's not one of those movies that's just like, 'Well, we didn't quite know how to end it.' 'Cause those happen. They call it a trilogy, but it's not really a trilogy. It's just another movie to make more money. This is a trilogy, and this is the end of it." Levitt's character has sparked a lot of conversation, even from long before the film was actually released, and most fans feel that his final scenes left a lot of dangling questions that could be answered in a film featuring the character, but with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale both pretty emphatic that they aren't interested in coming back to Gotham City again, it seems unlikely we'll see Blake or any other interpretation of the characters that lines up with this film coming to the big screen again soon.


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