Mission: Impossible 7 To Restart Filming In September

Like many films during the coronavirus pandemic, Mission: Impossible 7 experienced a halt in production earlier in the year, but is now about to get back on track. The anticipated sequel was originally scheduled for a February shooting date, but the pandemic and quarantine efforts meant that things needed to move, and now we have a tentative start date. Mission: Impossible 7 first assistant director Tommy Gormley told BBC Radio 4's Today (via Deadline) that he was "convinced" they could get back to work again within the next 3 months and still have things wrapped by May of 2021, which would put things starting back up in September.

"We hope to start shooting again in September. We were days from shooting in Venice — we were right at the epicenter when it all kicked off — so we had to shut down in Venice where we were four or five days from shooting," Gormley said.

"We hope to restart in September, we hope to visit all the countries we planned to and look to do a big chunk of it back in the UK on the backlot and in the studio, so September through to end April/May is our targets. We are convinced we can do this," Gormley said.

Gormley also said that the British Film Commission's guidelines are "excellent" and while he did there would be significant challenges because of the scale of the shoot, its multiple locations, and "giant" crew, he said it will be possible if "we break down all the procedures very carefully."

"We have to get back to work for every person in the film industry, tens of thousands of us, we have to get back to work. We have to do it safely and protect our colleagues, but it is definitely possible and we're working flat out to make it happen," Gormley said.

Mission: Impossible 7 will see the return of director Christopher McQuarrie, who guided Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and Mission: Impossible - Fallout to box office success. Mission: Impossible 7 & 8 (which McQuarrie is also helming) are expected to be the final parts of Ethan Hunt's story, and McQuarrie has been teasing ties to the original film that started it all.

Both Rogue Nation and Fallout raised the bar on stunts, action, and storylines for the franchise, and we can't wait to see what McQuarrie can do with M: I 7.


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