Netflix Hires Writer for Mark Millar's Reborn Adaptation

If you've been eagerly waiting to hear more on the Netflix Millarworld front, we've got some good news for you. One of the projects in development at the moment is Reborn, and now the project has brought on Bek Smith to handle the script. Smith is working on several high profile projects, including an untitled Into The Spider-Verse Spinoff and 100 Bullets, and now she'll be working alongside director Chris McKay (The LEGO Batman Movie) and producer Sandra Bullock (through Fortis Films) to bring the world of Reborn to live-action. Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee and Miri Moon and Samantha Nisenboim are also producing, and it seems we are one step closer to seeing this project become a reality (via THR).

For those unfamiliar with Reborn, the series is based on what happens to people after they die, turning the ideas of heaven and hell on their head and revealing that you actually end up in a fantastical land full of magic, dragons, and battles called Adystria. The book specifically follows an 80-year-old woman named Bonnie, who dies and wakes up in a much younger body and goes on a journey to save this land from the darkness that threatens to consume it.

Along the way, she will discover old friends and family, all of which have gone through similar transformations, though there is one person missing. That would be her husband, who passed away before her, and that's when her ragtag group starts searching this mysterious world to find him.

Reborn was written by Mark Millar and drawn by Greg Capullo, who will also be serving as executive producers on the Netflix project. No word yet on release date, but at least the project is moving in the right direction.

You can find the official description for Reborn below.


"The MILLAR-CAPULLO smash-hit, sell-out REBORN is here. Where do you go when you die? Not heaven or hell--somewhere else. Somewhere you have to fight to survive. Somewhere the people from the past are waiting for you--the good and the bad. Superstar creators MARK MILLAR and GREG CAPULLO join forces to create the sci-fi story of the year, collecting issues 1-6."

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