Netflix Shares Jason Momoa Slumberland Trailer During TUDUM

TUDUM just brought a new trailer for Jason Momoa's Slumberland. During the Netflix event, fans were introduced to Nemo and Flip as the embark on a whimsical adventure together. The duo doesn't see eye-to-eye. But, you shouldn't let that get in the way of adventure. Opposite the Aquaman star, Marlow Barkley brings Nemo to life. She's running away from nightmares and hoping that their journey can bring her father back into the picture after he passed away. If you're looking for family fare with a healthy does of whimsical special effects, Slumberland seems like a sure bet. Barkley talked with TUDUM about acting opposite Momoa and how the relationship between Nemo and Flip grows throughout the movie. Check out what she had to say right here!

"In the movie, Nemo's relationship with Flip starts off rocky because he doesn't want her to be there, but she hangs on to this connection with Flip because she thinks he can help her find her dad," says Barkley. But off screen, Barkley said of the relationship with Momoa on-set. "He made me feel so welcomed," she added. "We would joke around on set, racing each other and singing funny songs. He made me feel like we had known each other for years."

This sort of branching out isn't out of character for Momoa. He's playing a bad guy in the upcoming Fast X. People aren't used to that side of Momoa and he talked to GQ about how different it is to be out of the spandex and on the other side of things for once.

"It's been hard because people always think I'm just this dude who plays [macho characters]," Momoa revealed during the conversation. "But I want to be moved, I want something new. Things are changing, and even the villain roles I'm playing now are eccentric."

In some previous comments, the star explained what fans could expect from his villainous turn. He also shared what being on the set of one of these massive franchises is like.

"He's amazing. He's ornery. He's misunderstood," Momoa said when asked about his upcoming character. "I get to shoot with some really cool people that I have never -- I get to work with Charlize [Theron] first up, which I'm really excited about. She's amazing Then I get to go to some cool places. Obviously work with the whole cast -- most of the cast."

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