Luther: The Fallen Sun Premieres to Huge Ratings on Netflix

Luther: The Fallen Sun is absolutely crushing on Netflix right now and they have to be pleased with these numbers. On the streaming platform, there have been 65 million hours of the movie viewed worldwide. It's still at #1 on the Top 10 and doesn't look to be slowing down soon. So, Idris Elba's big-screen debut as Luther is already a success for BBC and Netflix. As people still crowd in, there will probably be some people going back to see the story from the beginning as well. (The same thing happened with Stranger Things to startling success for the streaming platform.)

Elba actually spoke with Liam Crowley from about more Luther after the big movie premiere on Netflix. Luther: The Fallen Sun being such a big success for the streamer, is good news for more entries in the saga. Here's what the series star has to say about more movies down the line.

"The luxury starts with just having more space to tell a bigger story without breaking it up into episodics," Elba explained. "Now we have this massive landscape [and] a bit of a bigger budget. We have more time to get under it. I've always dreamed about what we could do with Luther as a film, outside of 'Luther Land' in London, where can we take it?"

Luther: The Fallen Sun Branches Out From The TV Series

Luther: The Fallen Sun is branching out from the first series with a cinematic entry.'s Brandon Davis talked to Idris Elba about what the difference is between filming for TV and filming for motion pictures. In the opinion of the actor, having all that extra time to flesh out beats for the individual characters. Check out his response down below!

"Yeah, I think, you know, honestly, it comes down to the technicalities of a cronstraint that a TV show has based on time and budget versus what a film can do," Elba began. "You know, we got a lot more time to explore the nuances. I think in this film, we have moments where Luther is silent and he's just listening. And, that's amazing that you're allowed to do that in a film. And a TV show, that would cut that out and got on with it, you know? That allows for a little bit more of a peeling of the onion, so to speak."

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