New Jumanji Rumor Suggests Ryan Reynolds May Eye a Sequel Cameo

Ryan Reynolds recently wrapped filming Red Notice, an upcoming action/comedy/thriller that's also [...]

Ryan Reynolds recently wrapped filming Red Notice, an upcoming action/comedy/thriller that's also set to star The Rock and Gal Gadot. Of course, this wasn't Reynolds' first time working with The Rock and according to Daniel Richtman, a new rumor suggests that it will not be the last. Reynolds had a hilarious cameo in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and it appears he might be eyeing a cameo in the next Jumanji film.

Richtman teases that Reynolds is in talks to make a small appearance in the next Jumanji, which would reunite him with both The Rock and Kevin Hart, who also had a great cameo in The Rock's Fast & Furious spin-off. While there has been no official announcement that another Jumanji movie is in the works, Jumanji: The Next Level left off on a cliffhanger and the franchise's box office numbers certainly wouldn't stop Sony from making another film.

Last year, franchise star Alex Wolff spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and shared his idea for the potential next Jumanji film.

When asked if he was intrigued by the idea of Jumanji's real-life characters acting alongside the avatar characters, Wolff replied, "Oh my God, yeah. That better happen. That would be so amazing. I want that. Yeah, I think it would be full circle. To come back to the real world." The Hollywood Reporter then pointed out that Wolff had just come up with the perfect title. "Jumanji: Full Circle? Yeah, it better be that," Wolff added. "Jumanji: Full Circle, I like that. The idea of all the kids, The Rock, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, and everybody else in the real world makes me so unbelievably excited."

Jumanji director Jake Kasdan strongly hinted in the past that the main cast would return for at least one more outing. "The whole thing, to me, is built on the foundation of those people. The game cast are these brilliant movie stars, these iconic people," he explained. "The thing that's easy to not fully appreciate in the mix of how they work is that the kids are just brilliant," Kasdan added. "And Alex in particular just really… he plays that character in such a funny, smart way. He's quietly a really essential part of it."

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Jumanji: The Next Level is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime.