PREY Star Dane DiLiegro Discusses Working on Recent Marvel and Lucasfilm Projects

Since debuting on Hulu last week, PREY has commanded headlines across the entertainment industry. The fifth installment in the Predator franchise is the #1 premiere on Hulu, which includes all film and television series debuts. PREY's success goes international as well, as it is the most-watched film premiere on Star+ in Latin America. Much of that success is attributed to star Dane DiLiegro, who brings this iteration of the Predator to life.

While he began as a professional basketball player, competing for various European teams across eight seasons, DiLiegro began pursuing acting in 2020 and hasn't looked back since. DiLiegro took on roles in The Walking Dead and American Horror Stories before landing a main role in PREY.

Even with it now in the rear view, DiLiegro still has blockbuster projects lined up. The actor recently confirmed that he has done work on two of the biggest franchises since shooting PREY.

"I worked on a Marvel picture that just wrapped a few months ago. And I am currently shooting a Lucasfilm production," DiLiegro told Entertainment Weekly. "They're not always huge title roles like the Predator, but to be involved in things under those umbrellas is an honor, and gives me a tremendous sense of pride."

Speaking to, DiLiegro expanded on his experience on those Marvel and Lucasfilm sets.

"It's unbelievable. It's crazy," DiLiegro said. "I mean, you show up on set and you look around and you see faces of people who you recognize. And it's like, what is my life? Two years, three years ago, I was playing professional basketball. If someone told me you're going to be working on these productions, playing these characters, I would've said, 'You're crazy.' And now here I am, just being involved, having people call me to be involved in their project, such immense studios and production companies, is a humbling experience for me. It still doesn't feel real. I can't believe we're all sitting here together talking to you."

There's no telling what projects DiLiegro is working on, let alone what characters. That said, based on what he was able to accomplish with PREY, nothing is off the table.

"I would wear a baseball cap and tuck it down. I wasn't completely blackout blind," DiLiegro said of his PREY training. "I would look through two holes in the neck. In order for this Predator to look forward, I had to look at the ground, essentially. The vision was minimized, and yes, I did do a lot of training with my head down. I'd pull a baseball cap down over my eyes during rehearsal. If the behind the scenes photos get released, you'll see me wearing a baseball hat when the head's not on, because it was for rehearsal. I would try to replicate having to look down at the ground, but all part of the form over function with this character to make him give him that more animalistic look that departs from the past designs of this character."

PREY is now streaming on Hulu.