Prey to Premiere With Comanche Language Dub, Marking First Movie Ever

The full trailer for Prey, the next movie in the Predator franchise, has officially arrived from 20th Century Studios and Hulu. Though the period setting and the indigenous central character were previously confirmed, the new trailer reveals that the movie will actually be in English. Speaking in a new interview with, director Dan Trachtenberg and producer Jhane Myers revealed some amazing details about the film's construction, including that there was previously conversations about producing it entirely in Comanche, something that sparked a decision that will put Prey in the history books.

"We do have like Comanche throughout the film, but when you first choose to watch the film, this will be the first time that the Comanche language, and I'm Comanche, by the way, this will be the first time that our language is in a full dub and also subtitled for the whole film," Myers confirmed. "So that's really important to me and the language component's very important because this will also be the first time that a film has been completely (dubbed). You get the option of watching it in Comanche on a brand new film. I know that Navajo has done it twice, with Star Wars, but Star Wars was 30 years old when that came out, Finding Nemo was 20 years old. But here we are, this movie resets a whole lot of paradigms, and one of them is the language component."

Prey marks a major shift in tone and setting for the Predator franchise, set three hundreds year in the past and focusing entirely on a tribe in the Comanche Nation. Maintaining cultural and historical accuracy was paramount to its success, but there's also the 800 pound elephant in the room that is hunting its lead characters. When we asked Myers how she makes those two concepts work, she replied with a laugh: "With a smile on my face?"

She added, "It's amazing. For me to do this kind of movie, because I do like action and I've done different types of films, but this is the first one that I think really fully utilizes my full talents. It it's great because I have a great knowledge of our history, because I've worked with museums, I've also studied different aspects of our culture, but to put all of those in there at once it is just amazing. Even some of our stories, some of our language stories, all of those nuances is something really new to this franchise. But I think people will just be really (impressed). I think it's a great melting.

Trachtenberg chimed in, adding: "Jane would go from sewing together dresses and war shirts and what have you coming over and saying 'Dan, would it be cool if the Predator ripped this guy and this way?'"

Prey will debut on Hulu on August 5. The film features a cast comprised almost entirely of Native and First Nation's talent, including Amber Midthunder ("The Ice Road," "Roswell, New Mexico"), newcomer Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp ("Sooyii"), Michelle Thrush ("The Journey Home"), Julian Black Antelope ("Tribal").