New 'Rambo: Last Blood' Story Details Revealed

If you love a good Sylvester Stallone franchise, 2018 is a great time to be alive, because the the [...]

If you love a good Sylvester Stallone franchise, 2018 is a great time to be alive, because the the 72-year-old action star does not appear to be slowing down.

Plans for a fifth Rambo film have been in the works since the last movie, Rambo, was released in 2008. The fourth film was a huge success, but fans have worried the next installment was never going to happen. Luckily, Rambo V began filming last month, and details of the new plot are finally starting to emerge.

According to Splash Report, the film's synopsis is one to get excited about. "Stallone recruited newcomer Matt Cirulnick to pen a script that would see Rambo face down the Mexican Cartel and provide the character with one final sendoff, aptly titled Rambo: Last Blood." This, of course, is a nod to the first Rambo film, First Blood.

The details given by Splash Report are vast, revealing the story "begins with a violent and horrific cold open." We'll apparently start with the cartel kidnapping a young girl before the movie takes us on a journey to Bowie, Arizona, where we last left John Rambo.

While Rambo is living the quiet life and working on his farm, he's also dealing with "severe PTSD" and even has a caregiver. The story "really kicks into gear" when his caregiver reveals her daughter, who Rambo has become attached to, has also been kidnapped.

While trying to uncover what happened to the missing girl, the Vietnam vet immediately kills a sex trafficker, which catches the attention of Carmen, the sister of the original kidnap victim.

Rambo then heads to the "base of operations for the cartel," where he holds his own in a fight but is eventually taken down and "beaten half to death".

Of course, in natural action movie progression, Carmen nurses Rambo back to health. They bond and after some healing time, continue their mission to stop the cartel and save the kidnapped girls.

The synopsis continues with moments of violent torture by Rambo, daring rescues, and some important deaths. If you're looking for spoilers, Splash Report has got you covered with some extremely specific details. We're happy to report that they sum up Last Blood by saying it's "about as straightforward as an R rated action film gets."

If you're excited to see John Rambo in action one more time, you can expect the film to hit theaters next summer. In the meantime, you can catch Stallone reprising his other iconic character, Rocky Balboa, in Creed II.

Creed II is currently playing in theaters everywhere.