Rebel Moon Writer Breaks Down Part Two's Surprisingly Open Ending, Setting Up More Sequels

Rebel Moon - Part 2's ending leaves a lot of story left for the future.

When Zack Snyder and his team embarked on his Rebel Moon project at Netflix, they set out to make two films back-to-back. They were open about having plans for an entire franchise and universe, but the initial deal was for two feature films, along with the release of extended, R-rated directors cuts of those films. Well, Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver was released on Netflix this weekend, but the second part of the two-part story didn't exactly have an ending. It felt a lot more like the middle chapter in an ongoing saga, doing a lot to set up something still to come. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Rebel Moon! Continue reading at your own risk...

In the final moments of The Scargiver, Cora and the other surviving heroes gather to honor those that died in the conflict. They're informed that Princess Issa — who was supposed to bring peace to the galaxy but was murdered by Cora in a past life — was actually alive. They all decide to band together and continue on their journey against the evil force they still haven't destroyed.

There's been no order for a third Rebel Moon movie, but the creative team made sure to do a lot to set one up. Talking with about the new film, screenwriter Kurt Johnstad opened up about the ending to The Scargiver, and what plans are in place beyond it.

"So that ending, we knew we wanted to settle a score with Noble. We knew we wanted an amazing set piece on the Dreadnaught. So those things I think we deliver with," Johnstad explained. "And we knew that we wanted to set a course for the princess. Now it's really like, 'What is this next adventure our heroes are going to go on?' And really that human connection that Cora has to the princess, what that means. 

"So if, in success, we're lucky enough, Zack and I and Shat have figured out these next plot points, the trajectory of a very vast timeline of history and mythology that we have integrated into treatments and we know what we want to do, and we're just waiting in success. If we're fortunate enough that they say, 'Great, tell another movie' or 'Tell another movie in two parts' or 'Tell 10 movies,' then we have a story. We have certainly figured out a story for many more movies. I don't want to put a number on it."

The first two Rebel Moon movies are now streaming on Netflix. This year, the streamer will release extended cuts of both films.