Rebel Moon Writer Offers Update on Zack Snyder's Netflix Movie

Zack Snyder is returning with a brand new movie this December. Rebel Moon, an original sci-fi epic from the Army of the Dead and Man of Steel director, is set to debut on Netflix on December 22nd, marking the streamer's biggest original film of the year. Fans of the filmmaker's can't wait to see what Rebel Moon has in store. The trailer hasn't arrived yet, but the film's screenwriter is now sharing some updates about Rebel Moon's post-production process.

Shay Hatten, the writer behind the recent John Wick sequels, teamed up with Snyder on both Army of the Dead and Rebel Moon. Following the release John Wick: Chapter 4, Hatten spoke with Collider and offered some information on Snyder's latest film.

"Rebel Moon is... I mean, it's in the can," Hatten explained. "It's in post-production right now. Zack [Snyder] is editing away, and I've seen bits and pieces of it. I've seen scenes here and there and a cut of the trailer. I haven't seen the full movie myself yet, but I'm very, very excited about it. I really feel so lucky to get to work with Zack. I tell him this all the time, but 300 was one of the first R-rated movies that I convinced my parents to take me to see in theaters, which I think he hates me saying because it makes me seem super young. But nevertheless, he's been really an inspiration to me for a long time. And I think with Rebel Moon, people will just see that it's him really getting to unleash his visual imagination to the fullest extent. And I think people will really dig it."

According to Hatten, Rebel Moon is completely done filming and is in the post-production stage. Snyder is working on the editing process and it's likely the visual effects are being worked on as well. 

With the movie nearly finished, it wouldn't be surprising to see a trailer for Rebel Moon arrive online sooner rather than later. Netflix doesn't always release trailers too far out in advance, but Rebel Moon is the streamer's tentpole title for 2023, so it'll get a big marketing push.

Rebel Moon arrives on Netflix on December 22nd.