Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Trailer Released by Netflix

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story has a brand new trailer from Netflix this week! In the new series, fans will get to explore the events that made everyone's favorite monarch. India Ria Amarteifio plays the young version of Queen Charlotte in the Bridgerton spinoff. There are youthful analogues of some other familiar faces as well. Arsema Thomas will bring the earlier version of Lady Danbury to life as well. But, not to worry longtime fans, the older actresses you've come to love will be around for some of the fun as well. Golda Rosheuvel, Adjoa Andoh, and Ruth Gemmell all feature in the story. While all of that is fun, the drama this time circles around Corey Mylchreest's King George and his budding romance with Charlotte. (The marketing around their meeting so far has been delightful to say the least.) Check out more of the trailer down below!

Here's what Netflix had to say about Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story ahead of the anticipated debut: "Betrothed to the mysterious King of England against her will, Charlotte arrives in London only to realize she was not exactly what the royals were expecting. As she learns to navigate the palace, the 'ton, and her unpredictable husband, she grows into one of Europe's most unforgettable monarchs."

What Differences Are Coming To Bridgerton's First Spinoff Series?

Comicbook.com's Aaron Perine had the chance to attend a special trailer screening event for Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. During the interview period, executive producer Shonda Rhimes spoke about why she was so excited to be tackling this time period along with the "present day" of main line Bridgerton

Rhimes explained, "You know I'm really excited to tell these stories in two timelines. It makes it more special. You can see how the stories from the past influence the future." After that answer, another question got posed about having the older actors in the midst of this project too. The producer says that she loved having multiple different types of women on-screen. Romance and reflection can be hard to come by in this pop cultural landscape. Bridgerton handily provides something not a lot of mainstream entertainment is interested in exploring.

"One of the reasons for why I wanted to delve into he past of these women. A lot of romance stories don't delve into the lives of woman of a certain age. So, I think that will be a treat for viewers," she smirked.

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