Red Notice Blooper Reel Released by Netflix

Netflix doesn't include special features on its streaming titles, a feature that many viewers wish could be included for their favorite movies and TV shows. That said. the streamer does post some features from its biggest titles to social media every now and then. Red Notice has been dominating the Netflix charts for the past week and a half, setting records for the service along the way. Netflix clearly wanted to give fans more Red Notice content as the film continues to succeed, so the streamer debuted a full blooper reel from the film on Twitter for everyone to enjoy.

On Sunday, Netflix shared the three-minute blooper reel from Red Notice online, showing quite a few breaks, laughs, and silly moments from its trio of massive stars. Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot all star in Red Notice for director Rawson Marshall Thurber, and it's clear from this blooper real that they all had a great time hanging out on set. You can check out the full reel below.

In Red Notice, Johnson plays a government agent looking to track down the world's best art thief (Gadot). In order to stop her plans, and clear his name, Johnson's character teams up with the world's second-best art thief, played by Reynolds. 

As expected, Reynolds' Nolan Booth is quick with the quips and has a very sarcastic demeanor. This is the calling card for many of the actor's characters at this point in his career. That said, while speaking to ahead of the Red Notice premiere, Reynolds said that Nolan Booth is actually one of his characters that he is the furthest from in his personal life.

"Nolan is the closest? No, definitely not," Reynolds shared. "I think my next movie is a movie called The Adam Project. That is by far the closest to myself I will ever come, for better or worse. I'm nervous about that one for that reason. But no, Nolan is like part of my self-defense mechanism since I was a kid, that little guy that takes over when I'm nervous, shy or, terrified." 

Red Notice has been a dominant force on Netflix since its debut last weekend. It was the most-watched Netflix original film in its first weekend, according to the service, and it will undoubtedly break even more records as time goes on.