Robert Pattinson Reveals His The Batman Workout Routine

Last month, The Batman's Robert Pattinson gave an eccentric interview with GQ and the fan-favorite [...]

Last month, The Batman's Robert Pattinson gave an eccentric interview with GQ and the fan-favorite article revealed that the actor wasn't working out during quarantine. Despite having been left with some minimal workout gear and instructions from a personal trainer, Pattinson told GQ that he can't seem to motivate himself to work out, suggesting that actors who work out constantly and create an otherworldly physique are "part of the problem" and set unreasonable expectations on themselves and other actors. However, according to a new interview with Healthy For Men, the actor is now on a workout regime.

"New interview with #TheBatman star, Robert Pattinson. He talks about his workout regime, enjoying a challenge, real magic, his relationship, and living in London," @RPat360 tweeted. The fan account shared pages from the magazine interview, including sections on Pattison's gym routine, running, outdoor regime, and diet. Apparently, the actor runs "5-10km, three to four times per week" and works on his abs with a cycle of "bicycle crunches, dumbbell side bends, double crunches, and more." As for food, Pattinson has "cut back on alcohol," "stripped back on process meats," and more. "Ultimately, I'm not afraid of failure," Pattinson says in the interview. "It's fair to say I'm a little bit more ambitious in the roles I'm choosing now. A few years ago, I would have run a mile from anything with a physical edge." You can check out the full article and workout routine in the thread below:

The version of Bruce Wayne that Pattinson will play in The Batman will be early in his career, so he was never going to be the jacked, stunt-performing version fans saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. The film will reportedly take place in the second year of Batman's career, and visual elements of the costume, sets, and other things that have been noticed by set spies line up with everything from the Court of Owls to The Zero Year to the old Adam West Batman series. The movie will also feature a large number of Batman's villains, although it seems that the most prominent ones in the main story are Carmine Falcone, Catwoman, and The Penguin.

The Batman is currently expected to arrive in theaters on October 1st, 2021.