Ron's Gone Wrong Writers Are Working On A Super Hero Movie

Ron's Gone Wrong is now playing in theaters and is currently up on Rotten Tomatoes with an 79% critics score after 73 reviews and a 95% audience score after 250+ reviews. The animated movie was helmed by Octavio E. Rodriguez, Sarah Smith, and Jean-Philippe Vine, and Smith wrote the script alongside Peter Baynham. All of the creatives recently spoke with and Smith and Baynham teased they are working on a superhero movie. 

"Well, we are thinking about something at the moment, which is our idea of a sort of an animated group that is kind of influenced by those sort of Marvel movies. But of course, in our version, they're massive losers," Smith shared. Baynham added, "Well, this is it. I had this idea once about another kid in a superhero movie where literally everyone else is a superhero except for this one person who's got no powers. And then he becomes the hero. But no, yeah, I love them. I love them. I've really, ever since seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, the first one..." Smith chined back in, "That's the kind of model for the thing that we are writing, but with animals in a... That's a whole new thing."

The Ron's Gone Wrong writers are no stranger to Marvel. The movie follows a world where android friends have replaced phones as the go-to device, and the B*Bots in the film have the option of Marvel and Star Wars skins, which ended up working out nicely for the creators when the merger between Disney and Dox happened. 

"It was actually, it was a kind of brilliant kind of accident of the movie ending up with Disney because originally the movie was at Fox," Sarah Smith shared. "I have to tell you when we were pitching the movie, we had all different versions of what we would show. 'Look at what a B-bot can do,' and we would use the skins of whatever studio we were pitching to, so different characters that it could be." Peter Baynham added, "And then they had to go."

Smith continued, "But we always had this joke, this Darth Vader bot who would say, 'Let us cross to the dark side,' which for some reason we were so keen to hang on to our Darth Vader joke. So when Disney then acquired Fox, we were like, 'Let's go ask them,' and they were great. They gave us the right to use lots of those characters."

Ron's Gone Wrong features an all-star voice cast that includes Zach Galifianakis (A Wrinkle in TimeThe Hangover), Jack Dylan Grazer (Shazam!Luca), Olivia Colman (The Crown), Ed Helms (The Office), Justice Smith (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), Rob Delaney (Deadpool 2), Kylie Cantrall (Gabby Duran and the Unsittables), Ricardo Hurtado (The Goldbergs), Marcus Scribner (Black-ish), and Thomas Barbusca (Chad).

Ron's Gone Wrong is now playing in theaters.