Fox Signs 3-Year Deal With 'Deadpool' Star Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort

Since the announcement of Disney's purchase of 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets there have [...]

Since the announcement of Disney's purchase of 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets there have been questions as to how the Fox properties would fit in with Disney. Now, a new deal between Fox and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort may just give us a clue.

According to a new report from Deadline, Fox has made a three-year first look deal with Maximum Effort to create projects for the studio with the first movie Reynolds will direct under the deal be a live action adaptation of Hasbro's classic board game, Clue. Maximum Effort will produce the film along with Allspark Pictures, which is the film division of the Hasbro company. The project will see Reynolds come back together with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who wrote the first Deadpool film. Reynolds is expected to star in the Clue film.

The deal with Maximum Effort is huge for Fox. Deadpool was the studio's highest grossing film since Avatar, with the Marvel Comics-based movie's $783 million global gross making the film the highest grossing R-rated film globally of all time. It's also significant as it will keep Reynolds working with Fox well into the merger, which is expected to take roughly a year to complete provided it gets past federal regulatory challenges.

As for Clue, the popular board game follows a murder-mystery premise with various players taking on characters -- such as the iconic Colonel Mustard -- as they try to figure out who killed the victim, with what weapon, and where in the setting of an English mansion. The film was previously adapted into 1985's Clue starring Tim Curry. In 2008 Universal attempted to make an updated version with Gore Verbinski -- who up until recently has been attached to the upcoming Gambit film -- but that project was eventually abandoned with Fox getting the rights to Clue in 2016.

As for Reynolds, audiences will next see him suit up as the Merc With a Mouth in the untitled Deadpool sequel due out May 18th.