Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Joins Tumblr to Put Deadpool Ryan Reynolds in His Place

Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter has joined Tumblr to put Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds in his place. Recently, the Marvel actor announced that he would be joining the social media platform after the myriad changes at Twitter caused him to start looking around. Because the Merc With A Mouth needs to be reined in, Carter stepped up to the task. On Twitter, her account has been a bonafide success story as she built up a following of fans of all ages who loved her as the DC Comics superhero. Tumblr isn't nearly as dominated by brands and celebrities, so it will be interesting to see how the two fare over there. With the Wonder Woman actress' penchant for reposting art with attributing credit, she'll probably be just fine. Check out how animated their back and forth was down below!

Lynda Carter Speaks Out For All Wonder Woman Fans

Carter has been adamant about speaking up for the entire Wonder Woman fan community. Whenever criticism has been leveled at the LGBTQ fans of the property, she's been right there to lift them up. Even though she was only Diana Prince on TV from 1975 to 1979, Carter makes it very plain that she's welcoming anyone who wants to be like the Amazon warrior. Speaking with Comicbook.com last year, she talked about how transformation plays a role in not just the Wonder Woman fandom, but the larger superhero community as well. If you're willing to stand up for justice, then there's a place with her for you.

 "A couple of decades ago when I really realized it... I had a young woman from Out magazine come and give an interview and she said, 'you don't know how big...'" Carter explained. "What I came to understand is that it's really about that transformation. You know, before you can turn into something, as we all do, we are wives, mothers, sisters, we put on all these hats. We are all these amazing things wrapped up in one person and that's what we learn. We prepare for the day; we're juggling a lot of things. As women, we don't compartmentalize. We put our communities together, we figure out how to manage in that wonderful, creative way."

Could Twitter Force Other Movement?

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