Do Gale and Kirby Die in Scream 6?

Rumors and speculation have been swirling about characters (and killers) from previous Scream movies that could show up in Scream 6. Well, two fan-favorite legacy characters we know are back for Scream VI are Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), who have both survived Ghostface's brutal campaign(s) of murder, deception, and terror. But as Scream VI trailers and previews promise, no one is safe in this sequel to the Scream (2022) requel – not even beloved legacy characters. 

Heading into Scream 6's opening weekend, a lot of fans have expressed intense concern about trailer TV commercial scenes that seem to indicate that Kirby and (even more so) Gale could end up being victims of Ghostface this time around. That thought has actually upset some fans so much that they can't even commit to seeing Scream VI without knowing, beforehand, if they will have to suffer the trauma(s) of Gale and/or Kirby dying. 

For those fans – and those fans alone – we have this article answering two questions in full SPOILERS: 



Does Gale (Courtney Cox) Die in Scream 6? 

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Contrary to everything seen in Scream 6 trailers, Gale Weathers does not in fact die in the film. But she comes about as close as anyone has in the franchise. 

In the Second Act of the film, Gale helps the Carpenter sisters Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) track down the new Ghostface to a warehouse where the killer has built an entire shrine to the previous "Stab" killers. The Carpenters try to turn the tables and lure Ghostface to Central Park for an ambush – but as usual, Ghostface has the upper hand. While the Carpenters are in Central Park, the killer is stalking Gale in her Upper West Side apartment. 

As seen in trailers, Gale's new boyfriend gets dispatched, and she has a brutal fight with Ghostface across her luxurious NYC pad. After taking multiple stab wounds, Gale is left on the floor with Ghostface pressing the knife down on her – luckily, Sam and Tara arrive just in time, guns blazing. 

Gale is ultimately taken to the hospital and it's noted by the end of the film that Gale will make a full recovery. 

Does Kirby (Hayden Panettiere) Die in Scream 6? 

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Kirby Reed comes into Scream VI as a helping hand for Sam and Tara Carpenter, after suspicion about the new Ghostface murders gets placed on Sam. Kirby uses her new status as an FBI agent to spring Sam and Tara from police holding, pledging to help them track down and take out the new killer. 

Scream 6 pretty much uses Kirby as one of the biggest red herrings in the film – including the Final Act. A big twist along the way includes the revalation that Kirby's obsession with Ghostface got her kicked out of the FBI; the real killer(s) use that doubt to frame Kirby as the culprit – one final misdirect that's revealed when Kirby is suddenly taken down by the real Ghostface during the Final Act reveal. 

Every the survivor, Kirby manages to recover and survive the final battle, ultimately going to the hospital for treatment along with her fellow survivors. 

Scream 6 is now in theaters.