Does Scream 6 Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Scream VI is hitting theaters, bringing movie fans yet another installment of the slasher-horror series that is all too aware of the movie industry and its evolving trends. One of the most popular trends in movies today are no doubt the inclusion of the "post-credits scene" – one last part of the film that can either tease what comes next in the franchise, or just tease fans for the sake of it. 

So does Scream 6 have a post-credits scene? The answer is yes – but not necessarily one you need to stick around for, as it's definitely more a 'teasing for the sake of teasing' scene. 

We can leave it at that – but if you really want to know what Scream 6's post-credits scene is all about, you can get the breakdown below. NOTE:  SPOILERS about the Scream VI post-credits scene do NOT spoil the major reveals of the movie like who the new Ghostface Killer is. 



Scream 6 Post-Credits Scene Explained

(Photo: Paramount)

The Scream VI post-credits scene is short and sweet: it calls back to a scene featuring returning franchise character Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown), who fills the obligatory role of the film buff know-it-all who breaks down the "rules" the killer is playing by. Like with Scream 5, Mindy gets a big monologue scene early on about how Scream VI – as the sequel to a "requel" – has some dangerous new rules to consider. The post-credits scene of the movie features one impassioned outtake from Mindy's monologue that delivers an important PSA: 

"Not every movie needs a f***ing post-credts scene!" 

The Scream movies are as beloved for their meta commentary on the evolving tastes in cinema as they are for their horror-slasher body counts. This post-credits scene slamming post-credits scenes is just another way for filmmakers Radio Silence to honor that franchise tradition – a nice touch, since even the best reiews claim that Scream VI is less meta than its predecessors. 

Here's said in our 4 out of 5 star review of Scream VI

Scream VI... is an absolute blast, making good use of its New York City locale and delivering some of the most intense (and gruesome) sequences of the entire franchise... No franchise like Scream has to constantly reinvent itself with meta narratives while also keeping direct connections to its original installments. As time goes on, that balancing act becomes more and more difficult, but these filmmakers have proven themselves more than up to the challenge. Scream VI is a mean, nasty, rollicking good time at the movies, just as Wes Craven always intended.

Scream VI is now in theaters.