Spider-Man Could Appear In The Avengers Movie After All But Not How You Expect

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It's the rumor that just won't die. After the Radio Times reported that actress Jenny Agutter told them that two of the Winnebagos on The Avengers set housed Iron Man and Spider-Man, the Internet exploded with reports that Spider-Man would cameo in The Avengers. While most sites pointed out it was likely a case of either an actress or writer getting their superheroes mixed up, it wasn't long before some were reporting that trusted sources had confirmed the rumor. In a twitter chat by Marvel to promote the Avengers movie, a fan asked Avengers director Joss Whedon, "What about the Spider-Man cameo in The Avengers?" Whedon replied, "There is no Spider-Man cameo. But the Avengers do turn off the dark." Not content with the denial straight from the director of The Avengers, MTV put the question to none other than Andrew Garfield himself. MTV's Josh Horowitz asked Garfield, "And you're not in The Avengers? So set the record straight. Did you hear that rumor?" Garfield replied, "No, what's that? The Avengers?" Horowitz added, "There was a rumor that you were going to have a cameo in The Avengers for some reason. Marvel Universe, right?" Garfield answered, "Didn't get that call." Horowitz responded, "Just wanted to make sure." So with both the director of The Avengers and the star of Amazing Spider-Man having denied the rumor, then that means the Spider-Man movie cameo in The Avengers has been officially debunked. Or has it? We came up with a theory (albeit a very far-fetched one) on how a Spider-Man appearance could still occur in The Avengers. While Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man might not be dropping by to slug it out with the Skrulls (also said to not be in the movie), Whedon's comments might actually reveal another type of Spider-Man appearance. What if Joss Whedon's reply had a double meaning? Some of The Avengers action sequences were shot in New York City, where a very popular Broadway show happens to be Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. There are advertisements for Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark all over New York City. What if during filming an ad for Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark popped up on the side of a building, cab or bus? What if that building, cab or bus with the Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark Broadway show ad got blown up during Loki's attack? Wouldn't that fit right in with Whedon's comment "But The Avengers do turn off the dark"? So was Whedon's comment just his attempt at a clever turn on words? Or does it hint that while there might not be an actual Spider-Man cameo that he could still show up on a billboard for Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark? It certainly would make for an awesome easter egg in The Avengers movie, and Whedon did say there would be "dyed eggs" in the film. The Avengers movie will open in theaters on May 4, 2012, when fans will learn once and for all if Spidey shows up in any form or fashion. Until then, long live the Spider-Man cameo in The Avengers rumor!