Star Wars: BB-8 Voice Actor Ben Schwartz Shares Hilarious First Reaction to The Force Awakens Footage

Do you remember how exciting it was to sit down and watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the very first time? When it was released in 2015, the sequel trilogy-starter was the first new Star Wars film in a decade, and it had the added expectation that it would "make up for the prequels" in the minds of fans. It's hard to remember a movie with more hype ahead of its premiere than The Force Awakens. It wasn't just the fans that were excited to see it, either. Actor Ben Schwartz, who helped bring the voice of beloved droid BB-8 to life, couldn't contain his excitement when he first saw the film during the editing phase of production.

Monday was May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day, and everyone involved with the franchise in some form or fashion took the opportunity to share a photo or video of their time with Star Wars on social media. Schwartz posted a video of himself running into a small theater to watch The Force Awakens for the very first time, while it was still being edited.

"Here is footage of the first time I saw Star Wars episode VII, while they were still in editing, to help out with BB8 stuff," Schwartz wrote. "I. was. very. excited. Photo by beautiful boy/sound designer Robby Stambler. Cameo by [Ben Rosenblatt]."

The entire video sees Schwartz running around the theater and jumping from chairs, all while singing things like "Wathcin' Star Wars, whatcha gonna do. Watchin' Star Wars, how you gonna do it?"


For anyone who has seen Schwartz on talk shows, or in Parks and Recreation, this sort of reaction seems like it's par for the course. He's excitable in the very best way, and it's impossible for him to contain his love for things like Star Wars.

Let's be honest, though. We all probably had a similar reaction when we first arrived at the theater to see The Force Awakens five years ago. There were just other people around.