The Suicide Squad: What Time Does It Go Live On HBO Max And How To Watch

If you're wondering when DC's The Suicide Squad will drop on the HBO Max this week, and what's required to watch it, here are all the answers you need, fully explained. You can jump to any section below to find answers to your specific questions about when/how to watch The Suicide Squad, as well as additional information about the film - and of course, all the great Suicide Squad content we have to offer here on! As of now, the film has debuted to a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, and is poised for a big opening weekend box office!

When Does The Suicide Squad Release on HBO Max?

The Suicide Squad on HBO Max Thurdsday at 7pm ET
(Photo: HBO Max)

While many movie fans may expect The Suicide Squad to arrive on Friday, Warner Bros. is making the big move of debuting the film on HBO Max at the same time as the first theatrical previews. That means that The Suicide Squad will go live and be available on HBO Max starting at 7pm ET on Thursday, August 5th.

With The Suicide Squad hitting both theaters and HBO Max starting on Thursday night, those saving the film for weekend viewing need to be aware of major social media SPOILERS from Thursday evening onward.

How Do I Watch The Suicide Squad?

The Suicide Squad What Time When Release Live HBO Max How To Watch Explained

Your options for viewing The Suicide Squad (starting on Thursday evening, August 5th) are as follows:

  1. Watch The Suicide Squad in theaters.
  2. Watch The Suicide Squad in IMAX theaters (where available).
  3. Watch The Suicide Squad at home on HBO Max.

What Do I Need to Do to Watch The Suicide Squad on HBO Max?

The Suicide Squad is another one of the 2021 Warner Bros. movies that is being offered on the studio's HBO Max streaming service the same day it releases in theaters.

There is no additional cost for watching The Suicide Squad on HBO Max. If you already pay for an HBO Max subscription, The Suicide Squad will appear in your content library starting at 7pm ET, on Thursday, August 5th.

How Do I Sign Up for HBO Max?

(Photo: WarnerMedia)

If you are a new subscriber to HBO Max, you can sign-up HERE. Currently there are 2 tiers of HBO Max Subscription plans available:

  • With Ads - $9.99/mo - Access to the HBO Max and HBO content libraries in HD (except same-day theatrical premieres), with advertisements shown on all content (except programs that air on the ad-free HBO premium channel).
  • Ad-Free - $14.99/mo - Access to the HBO Max and HBO content libraries in HD (with select 4K UHD content), access to same-day theatrical premiere films, downloading option for content, and no advertisements.

If you already subscribe to the HBO Premium cable channel or one of its digital apps (HBO Now), then you may already qualify for an HBO Max account, at no additional cost. Go HERE for details on transferring subscriptions.

The Suicide Squad will be available in theaters and on HBO Max starting on Thursday night, August 5th.