Superman Legacy: James Gunn Reveals Movie Composer

Superman Legacy brings in John Murphy to compose the new movie.

Superman: Legacy has an official composer according to James Gunn. Over on Threads, the DC Studios head announced that John Murphy will be the one scoring Superman: Legacy.  Before this, the duo had work together on The Suicide Squad. (Hence that fun picture that accompanied the reveal on Instagram.) Before that, Murphy also handled Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. So, the composer has a long list of collaborations with Gunn under his belt. This is just the latest moment where the DC Studios president dialed up a frequent contributor to help make his latest project. Check out the post below.

"Happy to announce that my frequent collaborator @johnmurphycomposer is scoring #SupermanLegacy," Gunn wrote. "John was one of the first people I called when I finished the script many months ago as I knew how incredibly important the score was to this production. John has been working tirelessly since, creating hours worth of music that we'll play on set as we shoot & use in the edit & that will eventually be recorded with a glorious symphony for all of you. Welcome to the DCU, John!"

DC News Updates To Start 2024


Just recently, James Gunn took the social media to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his DC studios slate releasing. From the moment the filmmaker was announced as the new head of the studio, people wondered which projects would get focus early in his tenure. There were some assumed hits like Superman: Legacy and Batman project. But even the most ardent Gunn fans wouldn't have expected Creature Commandos or a movie about The Authority. Here's what the head man had to say about his tenure at the one year mark.

Gunn said on Twitter, "One year ago today Peter Safran & I introduced our DC slate for the 1st time – thanks to all of you for the support you've given us throughout the year. Today, Superman Legacy is about to start production, episodes of Creature Commandos are being finished that will release later this year, at least 2 more projects are gearing up to go in the next couple months, amazing scripts keep coming in, & incredible talent are being attached to new projects, planned & unplanned. Thank you!! #DCStudios"

New Supergirl Announced


The past two weeks have yielded some real amazing DC news. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow has a lead actress. House of the Dragon star Milly Alcock is going to be Kara Zor-El. James Gunn confirmed the news on Threads. In addition, the DC studios had explain their thought process in casting Alcock. Despite the flash featuring Sasha Calle as the Supergirl in that universe, they wanted to go in a different direction this time.

"In case you missed this exciting news yesterday. Strangely, Milly was the FIRST person I brought up to Peter for this role, well over a year ago, when I had only read the comics," Gunn told fans on Threads. "I was watching House of the Dragon & thought she might have the edge, grace & authenticity we needed for the DCU's Supergirl. And now here we are. Life is wild sometimes."

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