The Adam Project: Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner Break the Internet With 13 Going on 30 Reunion

There is nothing more wholesome than when Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner feed 13 Going on 30 [...]

There is nothing more wholesome than when Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner feed 13 Going on 30 fans. We've seen Ruffalo get emotional over a TikTok by Christa B. Allen, who played the younger version of Garner's Jenna Rink in the film. Ruffalo also had a great reunion post for the movie last year, but the actor's latest social media post is the best yet. Ruffalo is currently filming The Adam Project, which follows Ryan Reynolds as the lead who travels back in time and meets up with the younger version of his parents, played by Ruffalo and Garner. The former rom-com couple shared a new photo of themselves together, which made many fans very happy.

"Reconnecting with an old pal. Anyone know where we can get Razzles in Canada?," Ruffalo wrote. "Wishing dust worked! And I got a perfect day with my old pal," Garner shared in her own post. You can check out the image in the post below:

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"I think because it meant so much to so many people, and it was just such a beloved film, that people are all so excited to see a person that was part of that zeitgeisty moment in the flesh," Christa B. Allen told Today last year after being asked how she still gets recognized by 13 Going on 30 fans. Unsurprisingly, "30, flirty, and thriving" is the line that gets quoted to her most often. "I can't wait for that to be the theme of my 30th birthday," she shared.

In addition to Reynolds, Ruffalo, and Garner, The Adam Project will also star Catherine Keener, Walker Scobell, and Alex Mallari Jr. The movie is set to follow Reynolds as a man who goes back in time to get help from his younger self (Scobell) to find their father (Ruffalo) in order to save the future. In the film, Ruffalo's character is a brilliant physicist who is now the same age as his son. Keener is set to play the movie's antagonist, a woman who has stolen powerful technology, with Mallari Jr. playing her right hand. The movie is being directed by Stranger Things producer, Shawn Levy, who also directed Reynolds in the upcoming film, Free Guy.

13 Going on 30 is available to stream in HBO Max. The Adam Project does not yet have a release date, but it is expected to drop on Netflix sometime in 2021. Stay tuned for more updates about the upcoming movie!