Mark Ruffalo Gets Emotional Over 13 Going on 30 Actor’s TikTok

Back in 2004, an entire generation fell in love with Mark Ruffalo thanks to 13 Going on 30, and the actor has yet to disappoint the fans he gained 16 years ago. In fact, he occasionally posts about the movie on social media. He celebrated the film's anniversary earlier this year, and now he's reacting to an absolute perfect TikTok. Christa B. Allen, who played the younger version of Jennifer Garner's Jenna Rink in the film, recently took to TikTok to recreate her character's iconic birthday outfit. Naturally, Ruffalo reacted to the video in the best way.

"I'll pass you some Razzles if you pass me a box of Kleenex, @ChristaAllen," Ruffalo wrote with a crying face. You can check out his tweet below:

You can watch the TikTok here:


a little outfit recreation for the 13 going on 30 lovers 🥰

♬ Crazy for You - Madonna

"I think because it meant so much to so many people, and it was just such a beloved film, that people are all so excited to see a person that was part of that zeitgeisty moment in the flesh," Allen told Today last year after being asked how she still gets recognized by 13 Going on 30 fans. Unsurprisingly, "30, flirty, and thriving" is the line that gets quoted to her most often. "I can't wait for that to be the theme of my 30th birthday," she shared.

As for Ruffalo's role in the MCU, he is only officially signed on to play his character again in Disney+'s upcoming animated series, What If.... The actor isn't currently attached to any live-action films, but that doesn't mean he wants to stop playing the Hulk. In fact, he recently shared some potential Hulk movie ideas. At the beginning of March, Ruffalo was in Chicago for C2E2 and talked all things Hulk during his panel. While being interviewed, Ruffalo revealed he'd like to make a Professor Hulk movie.


"To be totally honest with you, I want to see the movie where Banner and Hulk ultimately have to battle it out and then the Professor is sort of the brainchild of that," Ruffalo shared. "Kevin Feige, are you listening? We want Professor Hulk," he added. "The only person in the universe that Hulk is afraid of is Banner and I want to see the ultimate showdown between the two of them. And maybe Wolverine."

13 Going on 30 is currently streaming on Starz.