The Flash Movie Director Celebrates Belated Batman Day By Sharing Sketch With Michael Keaton And Ben Affleck

DC fans everywhere celebrated Batman Day recently, and that included plenty of fan art highlighting their favorite characters. The Flash director Andy Muschietti shared some Batman art of his own, and since it was Batman day not only did it feature the Dark Knight but he also shared it with the two Dark Knights in his upcoming film, namely Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck. Both Batmen will play a role in the upcoming Flash film, and we think they'll both like Muschietti's take on Batman. You can check out the full sketchy in the post below.

Muschietti shared the artwork with the caption "And a happy belated BATMAN DAY to all the fans of the caped crusader. Here’s a little sketch from yours truly @michaelkeatondouglas @benaffleck #batmanday"

The Batman portrayed in the sketch isn't reminiscent of either Keaton or Affleck's Batman, but is somewhere in between. It features a smaller Bat-Symbol of Keaton's suit with the material look of Affleck's suit as opposed to the armor of Keaton's.

There's also a thicker utility belt here, and all of this will be changed up yet again when Matt Reeves' The Batman hits theaters, which features an all new look for the Dark Knight, which will be played by Robert Pattinson.

Muschietti also shared a video of himself drawing the Batman sketch on Instagram, and it's pretty impresssve. He started with the head and upper torso outline and then started drawing in the shadows on the cowl and upper costume.

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We're eager to see what Muschietti has in store for The Flash film, especially now that it involves several Batmen. The film is likely going to involve the timeline in some way, as Keaton would be reprising his role as Batman from the 1989 film. Affleck would also be reprising his role, as he was tied with Flash in a big way thanks to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

We also saw this at play in The Snyder Cut of Justice League, which got a full trailer at DC FanDome,. That trailer featured much more of Flash's abilities and sequences, including the introduction of Iris West, and we'll have to wait and see if any of that is linked to Muschietti's Flash.