The Flash Producers Were Worried Ben Affleck Wouldn't Want to Return

Batfleck is coming back! It was announced today that Ben Affleck would be returning to his superhero role in the upcoming Flash movie, which is being helmed by IT's Andy Muschietti. Affleck will be joining Michael Keaton, who is also going to be returning as Batman thanks to the power of the multiverse. In case you're having trouble keeping track, this line-up of Batmen will not include Robert Pattinson, who will be playing the role in the upcoming The Batman, which is not a part of the DCEU. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Barbara Muschietti (producer of The Flash film and Andy's collaborator/sister), spoke about their concern that Affleck would not want to return to the role.

"There have been some all sorts of stories and things he said himself about having a very hard time playing Batman, and it had been difficult for him," Barbara said. "I think it was more about a difficult time in his life. When we approached him, he's now in a very different time in his life. He was very open to it, which was a bit of a surprise to us. It was a question mark."

Andy Muschietti also spoke about Affleck's return in the interview.

"His Batman has a dichotomy that is very strong which is his masculinity—because of the way he looks, and the imposing figure that he has, and his jawline —but he's also very vulnerable," Andy explained. "He knows how to deliver from the inside out, that vulnerability. He just needs a story that allows him to bring that contrast, that balance."

Andy Muschietti added, "He's a very substantial part of the emotional impact of the movie. The interaction and relationship between Barry and Affleck's Wayne will bring an emotional level that we haven't seen before. It's Barry's movie, it's Barry's story, but their characters are more related than we think. They both lost their mothers to murder, and that's one of the emotional vessels of the movie. That's where the Affleck Batman kicks in."


We're hoping to learn more at DC FanDome, which takes place on Saturday. DC FanDome's Hall of Heroes will kick off with Wonder Woman 1984, featuring Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins and a new look at the film plus a special surprise. Other titles like The Suicide Squad and The Batman will be offering up some big news and first looks, as well. Titles such as The Flash, Aquaman 2, Black Adam, and Shazam! 2 will also have their casts and directors on hand to preview what's to come, likely revealing looks in the form of concept art as production has not begun on those titles just yet. Te schedule reveal also came with the first official titling of the upcoming Suicide Squad game, officially named Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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