Sean Astin Reveals If A Sequel to 'The Goonies' Will Ever Get Made

First hitting theaters nearly 35 years ago, fans have been clamoring for a sequel to The Goonies ever since. Over the years, a few reports had surfaced suggested a sequel who arrive at some point or another. The Goonies star Sean Astin has seemingly cooled off on the idea, should a recent interview be any indication. Speaking with Collider to promote his new Netflix show No Good Nick, Astin revealed that he's no longer sure a direct sequel is still viable.

"For 20 years, my answer to the question was an unequivocal yes, there will be a sequel — it's not a question of if, it's a question of when. Just certainty," Astin admits. "Well…that's gone. Now I think we've probably passed the threshold for which all of us original cast members are right for doing a sequel."

As Astin mentions, Hollywood doesn't often let franchises die with at least one or two reboots and the actor says he'd be fine if someone wanted to come in and restart The Goonies franchise.

"But the audience is so powerful and so devoted to it, that I'm convinced that at the very least, it will be rebooted, which I will be fine with," says Astin. "If it's not as good as the original Goonies, that's fine, who cares? I think Spielberg has been waiting for whatever that magical, mystical secret sauce is and he hasn't found it yet so he just hasn't pulled the trigger yet. He's so busy so I don't even know if he could do it himself and you know, Dick Donner wants it."

The actor makes sure to point out that the producers wanted to turn the story into a musical at one point, but Astin himself says he's always held out hope the property would be transformed into a Saturday morning cartoon. Either way, he says he'd be tickled to get a call about a follow-up, even if it just amounted to a cameo role. At one point, Astin admits, he and Goonies costar Corey Feldman pitched a three-act treatment to Donner but were shut down pretty quickly afterward.

"Corey Feldman and I put together a three-act treatment for it and we pitched it to Dick Donner and it never got made," the actor reflects. "We pitched it to him and the whole time his eyes were closed…we thought it was really cool and afterwards he's like 'Boy, you guys really thought about this' and we go 'Yeah, yeah we have!' and he goes 'Yeah, we're not doing that.'"

Directed by Donner, The Goonies was released June 7, 1985 and Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, and Frank Marshall served as executive producers. In addition to Astin and Feldman, the film also starred Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, Jonathan Ke Huy Quan, John Matuszak, Robert Davi, Joe Pantoliano, and Anne Ramsey.

Do you think a Goonies sequel will ever get made? Who's your favorite character of the bunch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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