The Omen Prequel From The Conjuring Writers in Flux Following Fox and Disney Merger

Reports of a prequel to The Omen emerged back in 2016, though fans have largely been kept in the [...]

Reports of a prequel to The Omen emerged back in 2016, though fans have largely been kept in the dark about the status of that project, with The Conjuring writers Chad and Carey W. Hayes recently confirming that they wrote a version of the project for 20th Century Fox, but with the studio having since been acquired by The Walt Disney Company, it has put a hold on the project for the time being. While a number of fans have been excited about the merger, as it means that various beloved Marvel characters can officially be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, horror fans have been frustrated with the deal as it's unclear how Disney will handle their R-rated franchises.

"We did the prequel to The Omen, which is also sitting over at Fox, that, rumor has it, that it is going into production," Chad shared with when discussing the 15th anniversary of their reboot of House of Wax. "So we'll see what happens."

Carey added, "We get to tell you where Damien came from. It was really fun. That was great."

In the original 1976 The Omen, a couple's child dies shortly after being born, with the parents instead adopting a newborn whose mother died during childbirth. A number of bizarre events surround the child Damien, with his adoptive father discovering that the child is the Antichrist. The original film earned three sequels as well as a remake.

Despite the writers sounding optimistic about the new prequel, the disturbing subject matter, in addition to the coronavirus pandemic, means Disney might not be moving forward with the project in the near future. The stagnation of The Omen prequel might come as a disappointment to fans, but the Hayes are also working on another project that could be the start of an all-new franchise.

"We have a film that's sort of going to be another franchise, if we're fortunate enough to draw in the audience," Chad pointed out. "It's called 'The LaLaurie Mansion: Chapter Six,' and it surrounds the most haunted house in all of New Orleans. And it's based on another true story. Carey and I've done a lot of research."

He added, "We're planning on doing six films surrounding it, but the movie you're going to see first is the last one. It's contemporary, and then we're going earlier in time, earlier in time, earlier in time to when different events happen there. And that's been really cool."

Carey pointed out the real-life mansion's sprawling history and that it is "a house that has 200 years of history and has a lot of crazy family stories, death, despair."

Stay tuned for details on The Omen prequel and The LaLaurie Mansion.

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