Todd McFarlane Talks Casting Twitch in the 'Spawn' Movie

During a recent interview about the status of the Jamie Foxx-led Spawn adaptation, comic book superstar Todd McFarlane gave un update on casting the biggest supporting role in the film: that of Twitch Williams, one half of the pair of eccentric detectives Sam and Twitch.

Twitch will be a major character in the film and, from the descriptions so far, the movie's point-of-view character, with Spawn himself being treated more like a force of nature than a traditional superhero. So while Jamie Foxx is a huge get, it is equally important that McFarlane, who will direct the film himself, finds a strong candidate for Twitch.

"Do I have my wish list? Of course I do," McFarlane admitted during an interview with "Do I think it's likely that I'll be able to get one of them? You know, I'm a realist. But, I didn't think I was going to get Jamie. But, I said, let's ask. What's the worst that could happen if they say no? Before I go anywhere, I'm going to go to my list. If they say no, then we keep moving."

"I can get, especially now with Jamie as cast, I can get another really good actor for the Twitch role. I think it also brings up all the rest of the cast," McFarlane said. "People will go, 'Oh, my gosh,' especially if you get some of the people that are on my list for Twitch. And then all of a sudden it makes it easier for us to cast the rest of it because people, I'm hoping will then go, 'I'm going to be involved in that kind of a project. It'd be fun.' And then all of a sudden, this little, small movie at least it appears to be, a legit movie, right? This silly thing Todd wanted to do, it feels real now. We can work with that, both in terms of marketing and exploit it. It will eventually lead to enough commercial success that we can say that we've only just begun. I've got a lot of stories. I've got 286 issues of the comic book."


Sam Burke will not appear in the film, although BBC America is developing a Sam & Twitch TV series that may or may not tie into the Spawn movie. That series is to be headed up by super-fan Kevin Smith.

McFarlane's Spawn movie does not yet have a release date. The film is expected to go into production by the end of the year.