Another Willow Star Is "100% Open" to Returning for Sequel

Now that the Star Wars sequel trilogy has concluded, fans are turning towards another exciting [...]

Now that the Star Wars sequel trilogy has concluded, fans are turning towards another exciting Lucasfilm property that they hope gets revived, with even star Kevin Pollak expressing interest in a return to the world of Willow. While the galaxy far, far away or the world of Indiana Jones might be the more well-known properties in the Lucasfilm stable, the Warwick Davis-starring fantasy film has earned an impressive following over the years, with Disney's acquisition of the studio and its debut of the Disney+ streaming platform sparking hope not just in the film's fans, but in its cast and crew, that new stories could be told in that magical world.

"If I'm asked, yes, I'd love to do it," Pollak shared with Forbes. "It has to be considered a possibility simply because Ron Howard eventually tweeted that he was interested in seeing where Willow is at all these years later. It went from rumors to his showing some interest. I've not heard of any production, and I've not heard of any scripts being written. When Ron said that he wanted to pick up where all these years later with the same actor, Warwick Davis, as Willow, that was the first hint that the Brownies, Rick Overton and I, may also be invited back."

Pollak played Rool in the original 1988 film, and while he confirms that he hasn't heard any updates that the project would definitely be happening, he expressed his enthusiasm at reuniting with the cast and crew for a serialized take on the subject.

"I've not heard anything since. I would be 100% open to it, of course," the actor confessed. "It was an incredibly fun part to play. I'd love to do that again, absolutely."

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed last December that a script had been completed for a series, but even with that progress, even Davis himself is unaware when, or if, the project will officially move forward.

"The internet has got a little bit ahead of us here," Davis shared with Inverse in January. "There's a lot of work on development and working out what this potentially could be, but there's no definite green light, go, we're doing this. There's a lot of work going on. The right people have come together. There's a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of goodwill from the right people and also from the fans. I think that's what's really so heartwarming is the enthusiasm from people around the world. So, yeah, no definite news there. I think there's a firm chance that this is going to be something that becomes a reality. Definitely."

Stay tuned for details on the future of the Willow sequel series.

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