Wonder Woman 1984: Lindy Hemming Explains Changes to Diana's Costume

In taking on Wonder Woman, costume designer Lindy Hemming inherited a design for the titular DC Comics character's costume first laid out by Michael Wilkinson on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Heading into Wonder Woman 1984, Hemming not only got to design a super heroic Wonder Woman outfit which was wholly her own but she also got to continue updating the classic Wonder Woman suit fans know from comics as it appears on the big screen yet again. While talking to ComicBook.com about her work in partnership with SweeTARTS, Hemming opened up about the changes made to Diana Prince's suit in Wonder Woman 1984.

"When we did a suit for Wonder Woman, the first Wonder Woman, we made it slightly a different color, but we also changed quite a lot of the style lines because Patty [Jenkins] wanted to," Hemming explained. "And so we did, and of course there were multiple versions of the suit that had to be designed as well because in Michael Wilkinson's suit with Zack [Snyder], most of the work was studio work and she didn't really have to perform quite as much as she did in Wonder Woman one. So, obviously then we adapted a lot of things for Wonder Woman one, but by Wonder Woman two, Patty wanted in the same mood as the '80s mood of the film. She wanted the suit to have much more depth of redness and goldness. So we've put in really quite a lot of luscious, almost sweet, you feel like it's really delicious kind of a depth of color to it for the 1984."

Diana Prince is not the only character getting significantly 80's treatment in this movie.

"Well obviously the villain, he is the villain, and obviously he is able to wear really very much 1980s, big shoulders, he can take that," Hemming explained of Pedro Pascal's character. "And also Pedro's the kind of actor who can really get away with all that stuff, but what we wanted to do with, and I think I'm really happy with his clothes because I don't want to give his story away too much, but he's just sort of a bit edgy, a bit maybe you like him, maybe you don't like him kind of look of a guy."

The power suit will extend beyond the villain. Wonder Woman herself will be sporting a power suit, flexing charismatic muscles which require no super powers. "Gal's clothes we wanted because she's in the 1980s and we're going to see her, we have seen her in the past and we have seen her in the 1914s in the past film," Hemming explains. 'There has to be something about all her clothes are the kind of classic because you have to, you don't want her looking like a fashion model, although she's like the most beautiful, tallest woman you could costume. But so we were going for the classic look. And I think you could say there was a touch of a sort of Annie Hall thing there going on with Ralph Lauren look. We were keeping her active, classic, sort of, yeah, classic look I'd call it. So all our clothes were of the '80s and we made everything. But there always was a little bit of volume in everything. The shoulders were a little bit big and the trousers pants were a little bit loose and pleated. Never did we try to make her into a fashion girl. We always made her into an active woman because she is an active woman."

Meanwhile, Kristen Wiig's Barbara Minerva, also known to comic fans as Cheetah, will offer a substantially different look than Diana. "Whereas Kristen Wiig, we were able to go with the somehow at the beginning of her story, we were able to make her look like the kind of dorkiest 1980s kind of look, we could do that with her because her story I'm sure everyone knows by now is going to change into something much more fierce," Hemming detailed. "So she could look really '80s. What would I call it? College-y meets fashion, preppy meets fashion. Sort of '80s in the beginning. It was really fun. I mean, it's not my favorite period or anything, but it was really fun to do."

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Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to hit theaters on October 2.